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Rabu, 23 November 2011

Adaptations of Living Things to The Environment

Classify   : animals based on the methods of breathing
Compare : the adaptations of two kind of plants
Evaluate : how the parts of the plants help them get as much sunlight as possible 

  1. Classify the animals below according to how they are adapted for breathing in water!

2. The chart below shows how some aquatic animals can be classified!

(a). Name the methods of breathing in the chart.
A: ____________________         B: _______________________          

C: ______________________

      (b). Classify the animals below according to the method of breathing 
             in A, B, and C as mentioned in question 2 (a).
          Mudskipper                                  Dolphin                  Water Scorpion

__________________    __________________   ___________________

(c). Explain why the aquatic animals that breathe by method A stays close to the water surface!

(d). The breathing organ of the animal that breathes through Method B can only take in oxygen that is in water. If this is so, explain how this animal can stay on land for short periods of time!
3. Aquatic plants are adapted to life in water and cannot survive on land. Study the pictures of the two plants

                                          Water hyacinth                                      Sunflower

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