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Kamis, 25 November 2010

My Life ...........

To Inspire at Least One Person

I started a blog in my first time. 
Is like a journey to me. 
My goal is to inspire at least one person. 
But I think more importantly, I want to inspire myself. 
At 34 years old, I want to contribute to the world. 
I used to have lists and lists of everything 
I wanted to accomplish in life, and when I wanted to do it. 

I was born in small village in Sumbawa Island with a lot of dreams in my head. Growth up and lived in poverty made me learn something precious, you should work hard to get what you want!

When I was child I used to dream someday i could be a Dolphin or Eagle, so I could swim or fly away, far far away from my family and from world war III, cause you know what? Was not too easy from me growth up with a situation like that. It still haunt me 'till now, want to forget it but i can't. It seem that memories always living beside me.......... Upssssssssss so stressful.............. 

But now I try to plan the big things in life. 
And I sort of want to plan life out. 
I just want to stay inspired, and stay in the moment all the time.
I am surrounded by brilliant people all the time. 
My students, my friends, my acquaintances … all brilliant. 
You can take something you admire from everyone
and try to make it a part of your life.
I’m going to write, and maybe you’ll read. Maybe you won’t. 
But I will continue to write, continue to feel, 
continue to live. And maybe, hopefully, someday, this can inspire someone.

So, I do really appreciate  to all of you who give your precious time to visit my blog, I wish I can influence you with some of my experience...........

Remember..... Always believe in your heart and your dreams will be come true!!!


Christian Adi Wibowo Pale

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